Jain temples Wayanad

Jain Temples in Wayanad

Jain temples in Wayanad and distances

  1. Puliyarmala – 0km
  2. Venniyode – 13Km from Puliyarmala
  3. Ananthanathaswami Jain temple, Varadoor – 13Km from Puliyarmala

(Phone 099524 90966)

4. Puthanangadi– 17Km from Puliyarmala.

5. Anjukunnu- 20Km from Puliyarmala

6. Palukunnu- 18Km from Puliyarmala

7. Puthiyadam- 25Km from Puliyarmala

8. Manathavady- 30Km from Puliyarmala

9. Myladippara02Km from Puliyarmala


Jain temples Wayanad

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