FAQ about wayanad

FAQ about Wayanad

FAQ about Wayanad

How to reach Wayanad?
You can reach Wayanad by road only. Wayanad shares the border with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The nearest airports are Kozhikode (Karipur International Airport-CCJ) and Kannur. The nearest railway stations are Thalassery (Kannur) and Kozhikode (Calicut). Also you can fly to Bangalore airport and then take taxi/bus to Wayanad via Mysore. Bangalore to Kalpetta distance is around 280kms. Mysore railway station is around 140kms from Kalpetta. From Gudalur or Ooty, you can reach Wayanad by road and distance will be less than 100kms.

Where is Wayanad in India?
Wayanad is a district in Kerala state, which is situated in Southern part of India.

Where is Wynad in Kerala?
Wynad is situated in Northern Kerala.

How is Wayanad in April?
Its very hot and sunny in April.

How is Wayanad in August?
Rainy season starts normally in June every year and in August, mostly it will be rainy.

Where is Vythiri in Wayanad?
You will reach Vythiri while coming from Calicut/Kozhikode as soon as you finish driving through the ghat and Lakkidi.

How many hairpin bends in Wayanad?
Ans- There are 9 (nine) hairpin bends in Wayanad Ghat.

Where is Wayanad wildlife sanctuary located?
Muthanga and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuaries are there. Visitors to Muthanga wildlife sanctuary are not allowed due to risk of wildfire in the months of March and April. So please confirm before visiting.

Where special Wayanad items are available?
Ans- Wayanad spices are famous. One should not miss Wayanad black pepper on their visit to Wayanad. If you missed to buy items while at Wayanad, you can order it online from our shop.

I need some more info about Wayanadu. Where can I get?
Ans- You can visit wayanad.co.in to more a little more about Wayanadu.

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