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Black pepper powder
Black pepper powder-250gms

Black pepper powder-250gms

Weight : 250gms Origin : Wayanad GST : 5%
₹ 250.00
Green tea powder-500gms

Green Tea powder

Weight - 500gms Brand - unbranded
₹ 400.00
Altos Amla Pure Capsule
Amla Pure Capsule
Amla Pure Capsule Brand - Altos Packing - 2 bottles x 60 capsules  
₹ 360.00
CTC tea powder
Garden fresh Tea powder-2x500gms pack
Tea powder from Wayanad Garden fresh tea CTC tea dust Weight: 500gms x 2 packs Net weight: 1Kg
₹ 320.00
gandhakasala rice
Gandhakasala Rice
Gandhakasala rice, the aromatic rice. Disclaimer - As Gandhakasala is mostly cultivated organically, we dont use any chemicals for preservation or while packing. Hence bugs/insects (Weevils, pantry beetles, flour bugs etc.) may be present inside the pack. Orders placed in rainy season are more prone to bugs/insects.
₹ 150.00
Cinnamon also known as Karukappatta/Karuvapatta in Malayalam. Weight 100gms
₹ 110.00
Camcall Rechargeable Emergency LED bulb 9W
Camcall Rechargeable Emergency LED bulb 9W
  • Includes 1 unit 9W LED Inverter bulb
  • Battery capacity : 2200 mAh powerful lithium battery
  • Battery backup : 3 hours or more
  • Warranty : 1 year on product (provided by Camcall)
  • Made in India
₹ 399.00
Arabica coffee powder
Arabica coffee powder-500gms

Arabica Coffee Powder

Type - Arabica Weight - 500grams GST - 5% No chicory added
₹ 350.00
Aloevera juice
Aloe Vera fibrous Juice by Toptime
Dosage : Take 30 ml Aloe vera fibrous juice twice a day, with water / fruit juice or as directed by the physician. Presentation : 500 ml
₹ 399.00
Avalose Podi-1.5Kg
Avalose Podi Weight - 1.5Kg Home made
₹ 500.00
Arabica coffee powder
Pure Robusta Coffee powder
Origin : Wayanad, South India Shade grown Robusta Coffee from small growers of Wayanad district.
₹ 290.00
nuhair capsule
NuHAIR capsule by Toptime
Deltas NuHair Capsules provide a scientifically created blend of natural vitamins and plant derived micronutrients that help you achieve denser, stronger and shinier hair. This daily supplement comprises of plant based amino-acids and flavonoids that help to reduce free radical damage and fights hair fall. Deltas NUHair Capsules contains essential hair tonics such as that of Kutaki (Piccrohza kurroa) and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) that nourish the base of hair follicles. These herbs have potent anti-oxidant action to reduce free radical activity in hair follicles thus preventing premature hair loss or graying and support a stable and healthy hair growth. Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Swarna makshik and Jungle berry (Hippophae rhamnoides) protect the natural color and delay whitening of hair that is often due to stress or other environmental cause. With Deltas NuHair capsules, one can get an effective hair tonic that strengthens the hair and makes it shiny and healthy. No. of capsules : 60
₹ 535.00
Pilescare tablet by Deltas
PilesCare Tablet by Deltas
Piles Care tablet by Toptime Deltas Dosage : 2-3 tablets twice a day Presentation : 1 X 30 tablets
₹ 350.00
Ore piles capsule
Ore Piles capsule
  • Gives relief from Bleeding,Pain & Burning Sensation
  • Improves Digestion & Bowel movements
  • Gives relief in Unbearable Fissure Pain & Burning
  • Safe,Natural & Effective with no reported Side effects.
1 capsule daily in morning and evening or as recommended by the physician.
₹ 175.00
Cow Ghee-1Ltr
Ghee - 1 liter HSN Code - 0405
₹ 1,100.00
Top Moringa Capsule
A Toptime product Presentation : 60 capsules
₹ 1,233.00
birds eye chili
Birds eye chili-കാന്താരി മുളക്-500gms
Weight : 500gms. It may take more time to ship Kanthari Mulaku in the months of February, March and April as the supply will be very low. Please bear this in mind while ordering.
₹ 450.00
Musk Turmeric Powder
Musk Turmeric (Kasthuri Manjal) Powder
Real Musk Turmeric Powder aka Kasthuri Manjal (Wild Turmeric-White) for cosmetic use. Type - powder HS Code - 0910 GST rate - 5% Weight - 500gms
₹ 750.00
kasturi manjal
Pure medium honey-Wild and organic
Pure medium honey-Wild and Organic Origin: Wayanad. Wild honey. Dark honey. Natural, unadulterated, raw honey. Package : 1kg.
₹ 1,100.00
Kudampuli/Kudambuli/Malabar Tamarind
Buy real genuine Kudampuli from Wayanad. Weight: 500Gms Tags: Kudambuly, Kudampuly, Brindleberry
₹ 200.00
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