Roasted coffee Bean-Robusta-500 grams


Roasted coffee beans

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Type: Robusta

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Roasted Coffee Beans Robusta – Natural Flavour and Aroma Rich

  • Perfect for Coffee Lovers. High quality 100% roasted coffee beans. Produced from carefully selected beans and processed to comply with our high quality standards and coffee expectations.
  • This coffee will give you a intense aroma, balanced taste and rich freshness. It is a blend of natural and traditional method of roasting.
  • The process has gone through many procedure to give you a perfect roasted coffee bean and satisfy the taste. From harvesting to roasting to packaging, this roasted coffee is crafted with the utmost of care.
  • It begins with hand-selecting our natural beans, which are then roasted to specification using artisan and specific methods.
  • The coffee beans are collected by local farmers of Wayanad, FRESH Coffee Roasted fresh to ensure a superior roast and long shelf-life.

More about Roasted coffee beans

These coffee beans are 100 percent pure and natural medium roasted robusta whole beans. We take at most care in choosing the right bean for lavish taste. Roasted in a way to ensure superior roast and longer shelf life. This is one such delicious product that all coffee lover will enjoy.

1. Noticeably not bitter, it has intensely aromatic with a complex flavour profile that is smooth and earthy. It is a taste no coffee fan should miss. There is no need for sugar or other ingredients to cover the natural bitterness of coffee.
2. This special roasted coffee bean is the ideal drink for visits from special guests, to relax, or just to enjoy the perfect taste of the best coffee available.
3. This is something every coffee lover must try to get the unique flavour and rich aroma. If you wish to try some classic coffee is a good option. These are unique.
4. It comes with good packing to keep it authentically guaranteed and in addition, these coffee beans have much health benefits like helping to maintaining healthy metabolism.

Roasted coffee bean will give a satisfying taste and rich aroma. Mainly crafted for all coffee lovers. We have made this one to please everyone.

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