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    Pilescare tablet by Deltas

    PilesCare Tablet by Deltas

    Piles Care tablet by Toptime Deltas

    Dosage : 2-3 tablets twice a day

    Presentation : 1 X 30 tablets

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    nuhair capsule

    NuHAIR capsule by Toptime

    Deltas NuHair Capsules provide a scientifically created blend of natural vitamins and plant derived micronutrients that help you achieve denser, stronger and shinier hair. This daily supplement comprises of plant based amino-acids and flavonoids that help to reduce free radical damage and fights hair fall. Deltas NUHair Capsules contains essential hair tonics such as that of Kutaki (Piccrohza kurroa) and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) that nourish the base of hair follicles. These herbs have potent anti-oxidant action to reduce free radical activity in hair follicles thus preventing premature hair loss or graying and support a stable and healthy hair growth. Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Swarna makshik and Jungle berry (Hippophae rhamnoides) protect the natural color and delay whitening of hair that is often due to stress or other environmental cause.

    With Deltas NuHair capsules, one can get an effective hair tonic that strengthens the hair and makes it shiny and healthy.

    No. of capsules : 60

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  • brahma rasayan

    Toptime Brahma Rasayan

    Dosage :Adult 12 g (2 Teaspoon full), children 6 g (1 Teaspoon full), two times a day 1-2 hours after meals along with water or milk daily

    Presentation : 500gm

  • Top Moringa Capsule

    A Toptime product

    Presentation : 60 capsules

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  • Aloevera juice

    Aloe Vera fibrous Juice by Toptime

    Dosage : Take 30 ml Aloe vera fibrous juice twice a day, with water / fruit juice or as directed by the physician.

    Presentation : 500 ml

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  • spirulina tablet

    Spirulina Tablet by Toptime

    Dosage : 1 tablet twice a day

    Presentation : 1 X 30 tablets

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  • VisionsAID capsule


    Dosage : 2 capsules per day for first month. Thereafter 1 Capsule per day after meal.

    Presentation : HPDE Bottle Contains 60 Capsules

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    wheatgrass tablet

    Wheatgrass Tablet by Deltas

    Contains 30 tablets

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    pancha tulasi drops

    Pancha Tulasi drops

    Add 5 drops of Pancha Tulasi drops in 1 liter of drinking water regularly.

    Natural water purifier, Anti bacterial, Anti microbial, Anti infective, immune modulator, powerful anti oxidant and natural adjuvant in the management of cough & cold.

    Manufactured by Deltas Pharma

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